Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Weblogic states

WE had a question on our weblogic status recently. SOme libraries were listed as been in the "Installed" state, as opposed to the usual "Active" state.

Heres a breakdown on the various states in Bea Weblogic:

1. There is no valid deployment state as "Installed".

2.. The deployment state is stored in "weblogic.management.runtime.AppRuntimeStateRuntimeMBean". As per the documentation these are the states:
This is the link to documentation: http://e-docs.bea.com/wls/docs90/javadocs_mhome/weblogic/management/runtime/AppRuntimeStateRuntimeMBean.html

3. You can also check this runtime MBean on the MBean Reference: http://e-docs.bea.com/wls/docs92/wlsmbeanref/core/index.html

4. I got some known issues where it is stated that "Installed" is a console text string that indicates the LibraryMBean is present in the configuration.The Installed state can be changed by rebooting the domain. The problem can happen unexpectedly. Also the library works fine with Installed state as well.

5. It may be possible that the console is picking up a wrong state for the deployment.

6. We can verify this by using WLST to reach the AppRuntimeStateRuntimeMBean and then get the status.
i) First access the DomainRuntimeMBean using the following link: http://e-docs.bea.com/wls/docs92/config_scripting/nav_edit.html#wp1001225
ii) The DomainRuntimeMBean has the handle to AppRuntimeStateRuntimeMBean. Please check the API docs for the method getAppRuntimeStateRuntime(): http://e-docs.bea.com/wls/docs92/javadocs_mhome/weblogic/management/runtime/DomainRuntimeMBean.html
iii) Then get the module IDs and then access the status using AppRuntimeStateRuntimeMBean.getCurrentState(..).

Please let me know what are the results of this test.

Moreover this seems to be a non-reproduceable issue as we can see this occurs only in Production but not in Test.

Please let me know whether the provided information is sufficient. Also let me know if you face any problems in testing the deployment status using WLST.


Anonymous said...

Using WLST to get ear's STATE is tricky :
1- connect to the console with WLST to list deployements : 'serverConfig/AppDeployments'

2- but in order to get ear's deployement STATE, have to connect to each managed servers and check 'serverRuntime/ApplicationRuntimes'

Do you know something simplier ?
Thank you

Anonymous said...

any more posts coming ?