Thursday, June 07, 2012

SSH and Putty

Here's a little time saver for SSH and Putty.

1/ Putty (See
Use PuTTYgen to generate a new private/ public keypair
  1. Create a new putty connection
  2. Enter a hostname and a "Saved Sessions" name
    1. Under Connection->Data->Username enter 'username'
    2. Under Connection->Data->SSH->Auth->Private File key for Authentication enter the path of the Private Key
  3. Save the connection
  4. Click Open - You should be logged in without being prompted for user/pass combo.

2/SSH Key Setup for internode SSH
This allows you to ssh between machines without re-logging in
  1. Start a Putty session to each node you wish to reach
  2. Run "ssh-keygen -t rsa" on each one
  3. Append the contents of ~/.ssh/ to the ~/.ssh/authorized_keys on each of the other machines
You should be able to ssh between each machine (any combo) now without a password.

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