Monday, January 17, 2011

Oracle JCA and OSB

This is a right design cock up on Oracles part if you ask me.

Lets create a new OSB proxy to communicate with a Database table. In past projects we took the custom approach or rolling our own DB adapter, by creating a JAR resource, and accessing it via the OSB proxy.

Architecturally however this approach would have been frowned upon, so in my current position, where I’m inheriting a system built by Oracle consultancy they take the ‘approved’ design approach of using TopLink to create a DB adapter, and communicating with this via JCA.

Unfortunately it is a bit of a disaster.

Roadblock one:

To create/ edit the TopLink adapter we must use JDevelopper.

To create/ edit OSB proxy we must use eclipse or the web front end.

This, oracle owned blog entry even sounds exasperated, but was a life-saver in terms of getting the system up and running.

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